Tutoring Protocol

Tutoring Protocol During COVID-19

In-Person Tutoring

For in-person tutoring during COVID-19 we will be using protocols developed for classroom instruction by the Province of Ontario, and in keeping with the regulations of the facilities we are using. Tutoring will take place with appropriate distances between students and the instructor as well as between students themselves.

Students are required to wear masks (as well as any adults who enter the building), and all students are asked to sanitize their hands before or upon entering the classroom. Also, there will be no sharing of supplies such as pencils, erasers, calculators; therefore, students will need to bring in all the supplies they will require, such as pencils, papers, erasers, math tools, calculators, etc.

If a student feels ill, including common cold or flu symptoms, they are respectfully asked to wait till the symptoms are gone before coming to in-person instruction. If they have been in contact with someone who contracted COVID-19, or who tested positive, they are also asked to wait for a minimum of two weeks before returning to in-person instruction. If they need to be absent for more than one or two sessions for any of these reasons, they can possibly switch over to Online instruction.

Online Tutoring

We offer the option of receiving online tutoring using the Skype platform. If you don’t have Skype on your computer or tablet, please download the free app from: Download Skype. You will receive the link to connect to the Instructor’s Skype profile upon enrollment in our program.

We kindly ask that you establish the Skype connection before the sessions are scheduled to start so that precious instruction time is not spent on working out any potential kinks. As with in-person instruction, we also ask that you inform us in advance if the student cannot attend a session for any reason.