About Us

About Us

The Directors of the Centre, Grace & Bill Koene, both have more than 25 years of experience in education ranging from classroom teaching to publishing educational resource materials and more than twelve years of home-schooling their own children. Since January of 2001 they have together administered and taught in the Mastery Learning Centre where they have served more than one thousand students.

Grace, an Ontario-certified teacher in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers, has extensive teaching experience, both in a regular classroom as well as in developing and implementing a Remedial Education program, working with students who needed special help in skill subjects. She has also worked as a Home Instruction Teacher with both the Lincoln County Public School Board and the Dufferin-Peel Roman Catholic Separate School Board, as well as serve as the primary instructor at the Mastery Learning Centre.

Bill has a Masters Degree in Education with special training in the field of language arts. In addition to his teaching experience, he has worked as an educational publisher for over ten years, as well as Administrator for the Mastery Learning Centre.

In recent years, Grace has become the sole instructor at the Learning Centre, providing expert tutoring in math skills, with a special focus on High School math. Because of this focus, in 2018 the name of their company was changed to The Math Tutor.

It is the personal mission of both Grace and Bill to recognize the intrinsic value of each child and help them reach their full potential by developing the unique skills and gifts of each one individually. They believe that every student can become an achiever if taught at their own unique level of proficiency and at their own rate of learning.